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“Khanam gets the opportunity to demonstrate the full range of skills.”
Metro, London

Rani Khanam has surmounted formidable social obstacle to become one of the leading Kathak dancers of the country.
The Week, India

The most natural Kathak Dancer...The Brilliant display of abhinaya performed by Rani Khanam, her is a dance whose creative imagination has depth and poetic sensibility."
The Hindu, India

It could not have been easy throwing aside the Vail for a pair of Ghungroos. But then it never is easy having a series of firsts against your name. It was perhaps Kathak dancer Rani Khanam’s faith and her dedication to her dance that helped her scale heights.
Mail Today, India

Rani Khanam, the only Indian Muslim classical dancer of note, takes the daring step of dancing to Islamic Verses.
Indian Express

Amir Khusro's Persian love poetry, Rani Khanam's interpretation had that delicate touch and a creative imagination, which is her hallmark.
The Hindu

Rani Khanam choreography was a sensitive interface between art and activism.
The Hindu

"Rani Khanam is a name to reckon with in the world of Kathak. Her own choreography of Sufi saint poets has won her international reputation and unqualified success for expanding the boundaries of Kathak repertoire. Equally at ease with Braj literature as with Islamic literature, she is a link between religions that aim at oneness.
Sunil Kothari, 15 Feb 2019, Narthaki

“Far away from the exhibitionistic Kathak one is generally treated to, Rani Khanam’s Kathak with the Lucknow ‘andaz’ revels in underplayed artistry…

Leela Venkatraman, Feb 2019

“In Search: the Journey of Ruhaniyat, was an extraordinary thematic Kathak presentation around the Sufi thought of passionate love with the divine. It was imaginatively conceived and sensitively performed with intense involvement by Rani Khanam.
Manjari Sinha, April, 2018

“Rani Khanam’s ‘In search- a journey of Ruhaniyat’ presentation was a sort of voyage into the Sufi stratosphere where the emotion of love traverses from earthly to ethereal plane, shaking off its temporal shackles. But then, this transition doesn’t just happen like that; it is a journey of the soul (rooh) which is very rooted in the body, subject to only sublime emotion of love whose manifestation is as much mundane as spiritual.
Ranee Kumar, April 2018

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