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“Rani Khanam, the only Indian Muslim classical dancer of note, takes the daring step of dancing to Islamic verses”…… To a public anaesthetized in the last two years by soap-powder Sufism from beautiful but bloodless dancers claiming to present 'Sufi Kathak' (but managing little beyond monotonous twirling to off-key Qawwalis), the high-voltage, solidly classical drive of Rani Khanam may come as a welcome jolt. Khanam is pushing new territory in the sahitya stakes as the only Indian Muslim classical dancer of note. In the process she may offend both religious mullahs and dance pundits.

About Dancer and Choreographer

Rani Khanam, one of India's most eminent Kathak dancers used her command of Kathak and her deep knowledge of Islamic verses (being a follower of Chishtiya Silsila) to innovate a revolutionary repertoire of sacred dance on Sufiana Composition in Kathak dance, which leads its audiences to an ecstatic state where they feel one with God.

Sufiana Dance Ensemble

Sufiana Dance Ensemble was founded by Rani Khanam in 1989, the ground-breaking repertoire of this sacred dance is based on Islamic &Sufi verses. Utilising this, mysticism is transformed into an innovative movement, rhythmic imagination and sensitive nuances of beauty of this aspect form.

The soul of dance is completely divine in nature and can be witnessed in the movements which elevate its audiences to the different mystic spiritual plane. Sufiana Kathak has evolved through the years with exploration, research, understanding and collaboration with the legends of Sufi across the Islamic world.

Sufiana Kathak has also composed and culminated the music with Indian mystic music and experimented on the base of Ragas which is especially adopted during the Moguls and fusion is being done through of instrumental music of Middle Eastern countries as well as with Indian Sub-Continent's music. Production is based on great Sufi master’s compositions, Islamic verses, Qawwalis, Indo-Persian compositions and Sufi folk compositions.

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