International Collaborative performances with legends: 

Rani Khanam has internationally collaborated with living legends of Sufi Musicians, Singers & Dancers from many corners of the Islamic world.

Egypt : Sheikh Yaseen el Tuhamy, Sufi Munshid, Assouit
Turkey : LatifBolat, Sufi instrumentalist & Composer
Yemen : Fanun al Yemen Ensemble
Iraq : Angam al-RafidaintraditionalMaqam, Baghdad
Kenya : ZeinAbdin, Taarab music
Morocco : Aissawa Sufi Brotherhood of Said Guissi
Indonesia : Rafly & kande from Aceh & Ubiet
China : Dolan Muqam Uyghur Ensemble
Bosnia : Sultan Mehmet Fatih Ensemble from Sarajevo


She has involved herself in research work on the subject of:

1. ‘Re-uniting Katha-Vachak” & “Bhav–Batana’ in Kathak Lucknow style
2. ‘World dance and Islam” ACC – Asian Cultural council’
3. ‘Contribution of Persian Culture to Kathak dance’

People have applauded her for bringing depth, passion and spontaneity into her work.

Performed at International festivals mainly-
  • Performed in the presence of the Majesties the King and the Queen of Malaysia & Prime Minister of Malaysia, on the Inauguration of the Islamic Art Museum.
  • Salaam- International festivalof Islamic Arts in London, the Ensemble has performed through ICCR on seventeen venues in collaboration with legends of Sufi around the world.
  • India week-Tlemcen, the Islamic culture capital of the world for the year 2011, Algeria
  • Asia Traditional Song & Dance Festival, South Korea.

National Festivals & Concerts mainly:
  • Raqs-e-Maimar - Agha Khan Foundation, Agra
: The expression of Mystic quest - an International collaboration with Turkey Musician & composer Latif Bolat highlighting the splendid mystical traditions of Turkey and India in Delhi
  • Expression of mystic quest - Prasiddha Foundation, Delhi
  • Dara Shikoh- Choreographed Sufiana dance with India's renowned Film Director M.S.Sathyu
  • Shilpotsav - UP Tourism, Noida , NityaNritya – Bangalore, Music in Park- Jaipur Madhya Pradesh - Sathapana Divas Samaroh, KoshiMahotsava- Bihar, Nishigandhi Festival- Thiruvananthapuram, Bihar Diwas-Patna, Jhansi Mahotsava – Jhansi , WZCC-Nagpur etc.

Rani Khanam Solo performances of Sufiana compositions at National Festivals & Concerts Mainly:
  • Performed on different Sufiana verses since 1996 and continued successively for a decade at Khankahe - Nijami's annual Urs at Bariely, U.P.
: Sound of Spell production illuminated Islamic contribution to Indian music & dance was premiered at London's Royal Festival Hall, London. London. 
  • 5th SAARC speakers' & parliamentarians conference, Delhi
  • Khajurao dance Festival – Khajurao,MP
  • Bates Dance Festival - Maine, USA
  • Mystic Circles: Islamic and Sufi Poetry and Movement Vocabulary in Kathak Dance New York Public Library for the performing arts.
  • Performed on different sufiana Verses in UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Doha, Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat, Abu Dhabi & Dubai etc.

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